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概述: least available to the searchers. As it is a guess, the following things hold true: 1. The ranking of a ghost entry will not be likely to be the ranking of the page after the index. 2. The ghost entry must be removed from the database before the monthly creation of a new database. This removal will be temporary.


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??a webpage will distribute its rating (notice i didnt say PR) to all the pages its linking to. For example, a site will benefit more if it is the only site that a high rating page is linking to, as compared to if the site is one of hundreds being linked to by the page.



1) A popular issue and one that is particularly important at this time of the crawl/index build is what Ive come to call Google Ghosts.

Every so often a new site is put up on the internet, or a new page, and it appears in the index before the monthly update. Quite often it has good rankings at that point in time. But horrifyingly they often disappear again a few days or weeks later.

These ghostly appearances are often confusing to newbies, and sometimes to the experts! However, the explanation is quite simple.

Google has two types of crawler, its main crawler and the fresh crawler. The main crawler is capable of discovering new pages. If a new page is discovered immediately after a new index has been built then that pages discovery is of little use if it has to wait a month for a new index to be built.

The building of a new index also contains all the calculations of the non-query dependant factors involved in calculating a pages rank (for example, PageRank).

To fully utilise the pages, without waiting for the next set of index calculations Google must do something very simple. Guess its ranking. By guessing the new content is at least available to the searchers.

As it is a guess, the following things hold true:

1. The ranking of a ghost entry will not be likely to be the ranking of the page after the index.

2. The ghost entry must be removed from the database before the monthly creation of a new database. This removal will be temporary.

If you have such an entry in the index, then your major objective should be to get it on the list of pages on Googles fresh-list. To do this update the content of the page at regular, preferably daily, intervals.

Why do you want to be on Googles fresh-list? Because fresh-listed pages are crawled more frequently and updated in the index. If you are optimizing your on the page factors then being on the fresh-list is the difference between waiting a few days to be able to analyse the effectiveness of your changes and waiting for a month.

2) quote:


Originally posted by philwiley

Five days ago I put up a new mini site, and added it to Google via addurl.html rather than linking to it from one of my other sites and waiting for it to be found.

Three days later it was in the top 10 for all my important keywords, and got about 130 visitors.

Then after just one day it vanished. It didnt just drop from the top 10 positions, its now not listed in Google at all.

Theres nothing wrong with the site. No spam, no hidden links, no duplicate content, etc. And the site has had no downtime.

All I can think of is that its got something to do with having no incoming links...oh it does have a pop up if that matters.

Id rather not give you the url because readers of my book and ezine come here and Ive found that if I give urls some build almost duplicate sites.

Any suggestions why it might have vanished?


Hi Phil,

We get asked this question quite frequently and therefore we have an article prepared to answer this question for you.

What Happens To A NEW Webpage After Google Initially Spiders It?

A NEW Webpage is not included in Googles "Main Index" until ...

1.) It has been crawled by the "Main Crawl" spider

... And ...

2.) It has been through an update after it has been crawled by the "Main Crawl" spider.

Until both of those occurrences have happened, any rankings that a new Webpage achieves is not likely to be the actual rankings that it will achieve once it has settled into the "Main Index."

Google does two types of crawls ...

1.) The "Main Crawl"

... And ...

2.) The "Fresh Crawl"

A new Webpage is first crawled by the "Fresh Crawl" spider. (The exception to this would be the time period soon after Googles monthly update, as it could then be first crawled by the "Main Crawl" spider. Monthly updates usually start around the 20th - 28th day of the month and can last for several days.)

To distinguish the difference between the two spiders look at the range of their IP addresses.

1.) The "Main Crawl" Spider = 216.239.46.*

... And ...

2.) The "Fresh Crawl" Spider = 64.68.82.*

To explain what happens with a new Webpage, well assume that it is first crawled by the "Fresh Crawl" spider.

At some point in-between Googles monthly updates the "Fresh Crawl" spider crawls the new Webpage. (The new Webpage may have been initially found by a link during the "Main Crawl" or the link to the new Webpage may have been found by the "Fresh Crawl" but either way, it "reads" the new page with the "Fresh Crawl" spider.)

Quickly, the new page is evaluated, and is included in the search results, even though it hasnt been involved in an update and isnt included in Googles "Main Index." These rankings are then very vulnerable and unstable and change very frequently.

Next, the regularly scheduled monthly update occurs, which is also known as "The Google Dance" and this page does take part at some stage of the dance, but remember that it has not yet been "read" by the "Main Crawl" spider, so it does not end up in the "Main Index" yet.

When the monthly update is over, the new Webpage will still be considered a "Fresh" page.

Soon the "Main Crawl" spider will "read" this new Webpage, but it will have to wait for the next monthly update before it will take its place in Googles "Main Index."

Until then, Google wont display its Backward Links (inbound links), and its rankings will remain very vulnerable and unstable and apt to change quite often.

Now to put all of this into perspective.

If a new Webpage is first crawled by the "Fresh Crawl" spider and immediately AFTER the "Main Crawl" spider, it will go through two monthly updates and have to wait almost two months before its included in the "Main Index" and for its rankings to become stable and accurately positioned.

During this time period the new Webpage may come and go in the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Erratic behavior is the norm for such pages.

On the other hand, if a new Webpage is first crawled by the "Main Crawl" spider (usually the latter part of the month) it will only have to wait about a month to eventually get into the "Main Index."

When Web designers and site owners are not aware of how Google actually processes their NEW Webpages, they can become very confused about what is actually happening when they see their pages appear and disappear or rank high one minute and then not be found in the top 100, the next.

Happy SEOing And Well See You At The Top!

Your Friends,

Sharon & Roy








    网站所被计算的流量,被特指为该域名级别的流量。例如,网页主机, 和slate.msn.com都被认为是同一网站的一部分,因为它们位于同一域名MSN.COM内。其中有一个例外是博客和个人主页,如果它们被自动识别为来自可疑的URLS,就将被单独对待。同样的,被发现提供相同内容的网站也将合计在一个网站之中。












官方网站 纯英文显示

推荐中文alexa排名查询网站 等。



· 我们的用户中可能有较大比例会去浏览例如amazon.com和archive.org这样的网站,而这些网站的流量就可能被高估。

· 我们所采用的样本中,可能对使用不同浏览器的用户存在高估或低估的情况,具体程度不得而知。ALEXA样本中包括了IE、FIREFOX和MOZILLA的用户。而不支持AOL/Netscape 和 Opera用户,这意味着这些公司运作下的网页可能被低估了。

· 我们所采用的样本中,可能对使用不同操作系统的用户存在高估或低估的情况,具体程度不得而知。ALEXA样本中包括了内建于Windows, Macintosh 和Linux的工具条。

· ALEXA软件被采用的比率可能在很大程度上取决于广告位置、语言和其它地理及文化因素。例如,在一定程度上,中国网站在TOP排名榜上的突出表现反映出中国因特网使用的高比例,但是这也许是一个和中国的ALEXA用户不成比例的数字。

· 在某些情况下,流量数据也许会因为我们对“网站”的定义而受到相反的影响。在因特网上存在着上千万的主机,而我们决定哪些主机是服务于“相同”内容的这一自动过程,有可能是不正确或者过时的。与此类似的是,域名和主页的宿主可能不会永远准确。当这些宿主(比如周期性地)改变时,最后会使某些网站在ALEXA流量排名上突然出现人为性的变化。

· 在安全页面(HTTPS:)上,ALEXA工作栏将自动关闭,所以具备安全页面的网站可能会在ALEXA流量数据上得不到充分体现。









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  经纬创投的看法是,“目前新技术或者说算法仍是 AI 行业的核心。与中国互联网行业过去出现的几个浪潮不同,AI 行业在一段时间内将是核心技术人才掌握的领域。早期方向明确的公司将会建立一定的人才储备优势。在接下来的一年里,计算机视觉、NLP、机器学习在各个行业的应用将有大量机会”。












  经纬的判断是,2017 年,信贷行业的互金公司实现过亿利润将较为普遍;保险行业的公司将逐步实现盈亏平衡。2017 年,各种形态优质内容的生产,抓住各自对应人群接触内容新方式的社区、平台及各种形式的渠道,会持续有价值。持续看好基层医疗、医疗 + 数据 + AI、基因诊断、医疗 SaaS 及交易平台的长期机会。

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